6 Jun

       It’s so cold here at night. Sometimes. Well, tonight it is. But that’s much better than last night, when it was perfectly warm out, but I had taken allergy medicine (I am apparently allergic to CA. I hope it goes away soon) which was absolutely NOT non-drowsy medicine. At any moment of being awake it felt like half of my body was completely asleep. Which half kept changing many times a second. It was a strange feeling which led to going to bed early.

       I spend a lot of time in dreams looking for a bathroom. And I never find one. Seems like a waste of time.

       And why does the new Dave Matthews Band album suck so much? Why couldn’t it be at least as good as Before These Crowded Streets? What happened to the violin? What happened to, I don’t know, reasonably intelligent lyrics? I mean, “I would dig a hole all the way to China. Unless of course, I was already there.” OOoooohhh!!!! Brilliant! And that’s how you choose to start the album!? And what happened to a range of vocal styles, some of which are even melodic? What’s with the yips! In Louisiana Bayou? And why this slow, low gravelly voice on all the rest of the songs? It’s like Dave is barely singing along to the grungy electric guitar and/or plodding piano. Not that I blame him really, who’d want to sing to it? It’s so… disappointing. And the cover art is all pretty and stuff too. And they’re selling it all over, constantly reminding me that it isn’t really good. They should stop. I’ll dig my way to California or something. Unless I’m already there.

What the? Intel inside Apple? So, it’s like, a Mactel machine? Or an Intelitosh? Intapple? Well… think different I guess.


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