An entry about Graduation

9 Jun

          Given that I went to Hampshire college, I wasn’t too surprised at how different the commencement ceremony was. Although, it was surprising that I actually liked it. I mean, graduating is exciting, and finishing is great, but the actual ceremony? Who’s ever heard of an exciting graduation ceremony? But it was really cool. Oh, and there are pictures that Alex took. It was a ceremony good for showing how much Hampshire lets people be whatever they want to be, celebrating individuality, before ironically handing all of them the exact same degree.
          Each speech was good, although they can all essentially be summed up in two points:
             1. You are unique, smart, powerful, etc. So it’s your responsibility to not stagnate, waste yourself, forget who you are, etc.
             2. We are currently living in a pre-fascist state. Do something.
             3. Give Hampshire money.

          Indeed, though I shouldn’t be surprised, there was an amazing amount of Bush-bashing and politics and general calls to action. Granny-D, the commencement speaker, had just come out of throat surgery, and at age 95 you could hear the painful rasp of breath scraping her throat every time she inhaled.
           “I have to fight for every breath, but the air is still free!” she cries.
          Go out into the world and be someone! Especially if that someone is the next Oscar Shindler, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, Paul Rusesabagina, Marla Ruzicka, etc. And if you aren’t those people, well, get rich and give us money. But go be those people!
          You are the last outpost of humanity and we’re about to become a new Galactic Empire!!

          It may have been laid on a bit thick. But people seemed to like it.
          I don’t think I’m any of those people, or capable of devoting my entire life and all my energies into any concept that’s political, but, hey, I did convince people here that New Earth Academy needs a newsletter if it’s going to grow beyond what it is now. And then Rhea wrote this long article about how cool I am and all the good stuff i’m going to bring to the school. sheesh. Download the newsletter! So now i’m onto the website (not up yet) and we’re having a meeting tomorrow about grants and other ways to get money. So rather than face “the real world” and try to get a job and find a place to live and all that, I figured I’ll just get New Earth Academy up and running. Because it needs to be. And then my family will be somewhat stable. Which would be nice. And deserved.
          Perhaps I’m not fighting with every breathe the coming tide of fascism, but I’m not part of the “thunderous applause” to which liberty dies, either. Which reminds me, Episode III is really amazing.


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