Everyone should see Kinsey. That’s not really the subject at all.

25 Jun

     If there is one right way for the world to be, it’s that everybody gets to do what their heart wants them to do, and they are provided for. We all have the same survival necessities. There is enough diversity among humans that if everyone did what they desired, these necessities would be provided for everyone. I don’t know the details of how this works, of course, only that it should.
     Which is why many things are going right. I’m doing what I want, I’m living with my family, writing grants for New Earth Academy, making a website for New Earth Academy, and getting music, making a DVD, and looking into film festivals for The JC Story. I am able to do all this, and my needs are being provided for. As they should be. Even better, I am now getting paid $15 an hour to write grants. (Which isn’t close to what you’d have to pay a real grant-writer… but that’s ok). Plus the Red Sox are in first place again, Kinsey is an excellent movie, I’m in love with Hallie, Sarah is happy, Care is beautiful, and it’s Greg’s birthday. See! The world is good.

PS. What happened to my last entry?? It went away! It was all about how to avoid seeing “The Greatest Story Ever Told” because it isn’t, and how “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” might actually be that. Plus some other stuff, but now I don’t remember it. But Lauren’s comment for that entry is on this entry now. It’s like it morphed into this one. Strange things happen in this world. Weird.


One Response to “Everyone should see Kinsey. That’s not really the subject at all.”

  1. darksun2 June 22, 2005 at 11:30 pm #

    juno. you make a fantastic nerd.

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