all over the place

25 Jul

Six Feet Under is finally a great show again. It’s going to end well (in four more episodes!!).
At last somebody tells Brenda that if you want the dynamics of your relationship to change, you have to change yourself. Why isn’t that obvious??
People seem to be ignorant to the most obvious things when it comes to relationships. Honestly, I’m sure that somewhere in our history, there have been a few successful monogamous relationships where neither person cheated on the other, but really, that type of relationship has to be the minority, and not the norm, and not necessarily the ideal.
Shows like this, praised for being “realistic” and “true to life” just go to show why. It really seems to go against natural human desire, instinct, and behavior, to love one person exclusively, and be physically with that one person exclusively, for the entire length of any relationship, especially if that relationship is “until death” parts them.
It’s really maddening that people can’t just do what they want. It’s even more maddening that a lot of the reasons people don’t do what they want are self imposed and arbitrary.
Tomorrow morning we commence upon our great house-wide attack on the fleas. Bombs, cat shampoo, and yard spray are all allied with us in our anti-flea coalition. We will prevail against this threat. We will end the flea-caused paranoia, and thus aid in the war against terror.
And since when was “one woman, one man, and children” the best, most ideal situation for raising children? Ugh. We really need a new world. I’m getting sick of this old one.

Episode II:

The Searchers:


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