The War is Over. Long Live Struggle.

27 Jul

Huh. Somebody in the Bush Administration must have read my lj. Either that, or they had a brief moment of intelligence and realized that the phrase “War on Terror” is a contradiction in terms. Unfortunately, this moment of intelligence was so brief that after they discovered this contradiction in terms, they didn’t continue down that train of thought to discover that a war on terror is actually an ill-concieved idea from the start. Instead, they simply came up with a new phrase. How brilliant. We are no longer engaged in a global war on terror.
Now it is a global “struggle against extremism.”
“Struggle” is better than “war” because we all expect a “war” to, you know, end. Eventually. Struggle on the other hand, is commonly associated with “constant,” and “never-ending.” At least they’ve admitted (implicitly) that as long as we continue with our current strategy in the war, er… struggle on terror, eh, I mean, against extremism, it will never end.

But forget about the fact that the only thing to have changed is the short descriptive phrase for America’s actions, the government has delivered the new ultimatum! We are now struggling against extremism! We must overcome!
If you have any extreme opinions, they must be eliminated!
Know anybody who has extreme opinions? They must be destroyed! And that’s just opinions.
Anybody with extreme actions should be shot on sight.
Anybody with the potential for extreme actions should be treated as an evil suspect and probably eventually killed or deported to someplace far away.
       And we shall have peace.


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