Where We All Are

3 Aug

The way the world is:
        There is a vast construct, an enormous building, or perhaps cage, that surrounds all of us. Think of Truman in his set, or Plato’s cave, or people in the Matrix. We are all inside this cage, but it is so big, that many people don’t realize it. Some people realize it, but don’t care. After all, what does it really matter? It’s big enough for all of us, we have what we need for the most part. Some people realize it, and wonder what is outside this cage, and some of us realize it, and want to be able to get out. Some people want to get out, but may or may not realize they are in a cage.
        There are also beings that live outside this cage. Some of us in the cage are aware of these beings. Other people in the cage believe that these beings exist, but don’t know it. Others don’t believe they exist, and still others don’t care. These other beings can’t get into our cage, but they want to be able to let us out. Some of them also would like to get in. Basically, they feel that the proper way for things to be is for the giant door in our cage to be open (for that matter, many people feel this way as well.)
        The good news is that a way out has been found. These beings have created a machine which will make a giant key: the correct key for opening the door in our cage. The bad news is that these beings do not have the materials they need to make this key. The good news is that we, as humans, can make this material, and get it out to them. The bad news is that one human can only make a small amount of it, and a large amount of it is needed. In other words, in order to save the world, a large enough group of people must create key-material.
        Sounds great, of course, I mean, who wouldn’t volunteer a few minutes here and there to make key-material, right? Problem is, we’re not exactly sure of the process. It involves positive thinking. It involves imagination. It involves visualization of a correct and new world. In other words, it involves things that, sadly, many people are unable to do.


One Response to “Where We All Are”

  1. darksun2 August 5, 2005 at 2:26 pm #

    Don’t you *ever* have visceral reactions to *anything*? And then sit with them for a while?

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