“We will not walk in fear, one of another” – Edward R. Murrow

12 Nov

Gabe and I went to see Good Night and Good Luck before he left on his way to Boston and Hampshire. It’s an amazing piece of movie making craft, which didn’t feel relevant in the “this is really about today” way, but still seemed poignant. Everything about it is well done, the cinematography, the camera choreography, the editing. Every decision was made well, and it did an amazing job of transporting me to a specific time and place. Based on the true story of journalist Edward Murrow’s reports against Senator McCarthy, it goes behind the scenes of CBS broadcast news when journalism was still sometimes honest.
Having an audience gives you a personal responsibility. Dissent is not disloyalty.
Having not been alive at that time, it was interesting to be transported to a time when there were journalists who had millions of people for an audience, and said things that they felt truly mattered, regardless of things like sponsorship, personal reputations, and money. It made me miss it. I imagine it’s a fantasy of many people to have the power that Edward Murrow had, and to use it at least as honestly and selflessly as he did, if not more so. Interestingly, it’s becoming possible for nearly anyone to have that power now with a blog/podcast/videocast/etc., the only thing missing is the audience.
I suppose another view of the situation would reveal that the only thing missing is some truth, some thing that is of interest, importance, and fascination to millions of people. Once that truth or thing is found, the audience isn’t far behind. With them comes power to cause widespread change.
So what is it? What is this mysterious truth that you, as a representative of millions of others, care about? What fascinates you? What would be immensely interesting to you?? What do you care about so much that you would risk your well-being to learn about it?

Good night, and good luck


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