23 Nov

You know what’s cool? The brain has a documented ability to reshape itself physically. It’s called neuroplasticity.
This means, basically, that by thinking in specific ways, or focusing on certain emotions, you can change the physical shape of your brain. It’s true. People are capable of changing the rate and amount of neurological behavior in specific areas of the brain.
I am now an expert on all this because I read an article about it in Psychotherapy Networker.
There are computer programs which, if you put receptors on your scalp, map out your neurological behavior. Then there are computer programs which show you this neurological behavior in an image which you can control… by being more relaxed stars appear in the sky, or by being nervous a white line streaks across the screen, or by being focused for an amount of time the volcano erupts with pretty colored balls, etc. It’s self-therapy with the aid of a computer.
There could be hope yet for an innovative video game which is good for you.

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