blip of life

1 Mar

Am I the only one that gets almost moved to tears every time there is a large crowd cheering a victory, or a small group of people finally winning or being victorious? (I’m talking real people… not actors…) (like, for example, a guy winning a Porsche on Wheel of Fortune and being really excited about it.)

So here’s the story you’ve (maybe) missed out on… We finished Autumn Quarter at New Earth Academy and then moved the school into a new building. Then we moved Zoe and Womark into the old school building, Rhea into her new house which she bought, and then Easton, Dani, Hallie and I into Zoe and Womark’s old house. Then we moved Womark’s mother Marta out of the nursing home and into Zoe and Womark’s new home (the former New Earth Academy building, if you’re already confused.)
Actually… scratch that. Delete it. None of that really matters anymore. After our entire town flooded for New Years we started the Winter Quarter at New Earth Academy minus some students, some staff, and a familiar setting. Then Easton and Dani and Hallie and I were given notice that we had to move in 60 days. Then more students left the school. Then I had shoulder surgery, which left my left arm in a sling for a month. Then Marta died. Then we had a memorial service, and looked for houses to move into. Then we found a house to move into, which is right across the street. Then one of our cats, Boris, got shot. He had a $400 surgery and now he is fine. Then we decided to move to a new neighborhood and had to find another house again. Then we had to prepare for Presentation Day, which is tomorrow. Two days ago we found another house to move into, big enough for Zoe and Womark to move into as well. We’re planning to move on Saturday. I just now finished writing all of my student assessments and reports for Presentation Day. Now I have to get through Presentation Day, which will hopefully result in more interest in the school, and not less…

And then I have to pack. And move. Again. And I still can’t really use my left arm for much more than typing.


One Response to “blip of life”

  1. kirawen March 2, 2006 at 2:44 pm #

    Wow… busy winter ^^;;; Hope everyone’s doing well, including you! Good luck with the new quarter!

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