Things to click on. To become smarter. And laugh at.

2 May

“Good Journalism.” If only people cared more about the truth than they do about “a good story.” And by “people” I mean “journalists.” If you look for it, can’t you find true stories that are far more compelling than something sensational and false? Seriously?

“Elizabeth, these clothes don’t flatter you at all. It should either be a dress or nothing. I happen to have no dress in my cabin.”
Man, Jack Sparrow is a great character. As much as this trailer makes me want to see the movie, I know I’m going to be really mad when this movie ends, and they make us wait to see the third one… cause you just know this one has a cliffhanger ending, and you just know it will hinge around Jack Sparrow and that soul he owes to Davy Jones. And you just know that the only reason anybody watches these movies is for Jack Sparrow. Well, and the effects.

“I actually got a great review this morning too.” Oh my god!! Apple is actually advertising! For their computers (and not iPods)! And they’re funny.

And while I’m listing a bunch of links for things you should read or watch, Superman Returns! Kevin Spacey discovers that Superman is having issues! The man of steel is back, but while the man is steel, his emotions are real! Ooooooohh!


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