I’m gonna go play with my Wii *UPDATE*

11 May

        So, here’s my thing with video games. They’re kinda lame.
        I mean, yeah, at first, it’s fun to make a character jump over, on top of, and into things by pressing buttons (like Mario Bros. Donkey Kong Country, etc.). And then it was fun to guide a character through a 3D world, jumping over, on top of, and into things (like Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, etc.) And puzzle games like Myst were fun, and even first-person shooters like Doom were fun. And games that combine elements of those, can be fun. At first. But I’ve played all those examples, and since I’ve played them, the video game industry hasn’t really given me anything new to play. I mean, they have, but not really.
        They’ve just given out more of the same, but prettier looking.
        Here’s the thing, video games have always been controlled by players pressing buttons, and/or moving a joystick. But with technology we have now, they could be far far cooler.
        Video games could be controlled by the player’s physical movements, and by their emotions.
        Can you imagine a Star Wars video game where you had to actually not give into your anger? A first person shooter where the enemies actually did feed on your fear? What about a puzzle game where the puzzle gets harder the more frustrated you get? I mean, seriously, think of the potentials. You could play a video game that makes you smarter. You could play a video game designed to overcome depression. All of this is possible right now.

        But instead, what are we getting? The XBox 360. It’s like the X-Box, only prettier. The Playstation 3. It’s like the Playstation 2, only with prettier graphics, a Blu-Ray DVD drive (for all those Blue Ray DVDs that aren’t even on sale yet) and an expensive price tag ($500). And Nintendo’s next console called… the Wii… (pronounced “wee”).


        But wait? What’s this?
        That controller, which looks like a tv remote? It’s actually a sword. Or a lightsaber. Or a steering wheel. Or a tennis racket. Or a baseball bat. Yes, that’s right… it’s an innovation! Video games are now controlled by buttons, joysticks… and the player’s movements. Well, that’s something. And, actually, that’s something really cool. Of course, it depends on who makes games for it, and whether there’s anything innovative in those games or not, but the Wii is at least making a name for itself. Of course, it is a silly name. Wii. Hehe. Wii.

(Click here for cool Wii videos.)

        You know what else is cool? If you own a Wii, you have access to all of Nintendo’s previous games (and some of Sega’s) through its “virtual console”. So that means that Mario Bros 1 – 3, Diddy’s Kong Quest, Super Mario World, Zelda: A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, etc. are all games for the Wii. Talk about a system with the best (and most) games for it. And really, what good is a game console without games?

Check this out! Now… combine that with technology where you actually have to feel certain emotions to control your video game character…

I’ll leave you with that.



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