Update on the future

18 May

       New Earth Academy is doing great, more or less. At some point in the future there will be footage online from the documentary (currently in production) which will show just how great a place it can be. But we are out of money. This school year ends on June 1, and then we’re broke. So something has to be done, or we are going to die. Knowing that, we told the parents of our current students, and arranged a large informational meeting. Prospective parents, school district workers, other teachers, general cool people, etc. were all invited. All in all, there were about two-dozen people there, which was really impressive. Our main message? New Earth Academy is here, doing something successful and important, but when this school year ends (on June 1st) we run out of money. And we asked this group what we could do about that, and about the fact that we’re not getting paid.
       The result? We’re in “survival mode” but that “we” is larger.
The parents of all our current students absolutely want, even need us to keep operating next year. Other people who came to this meeting absolutely want, even need us to be here next year. So they’re calling people they know (and some of them know obscenely rich people) and getting us onto local radio, and into local papers, and generally spreading the word to everyone they know. They are going to raise us a quarter million dollars, so that we can keep operating for a year (and I can get paid). That, at least, is the plan.
       But the coolest part of all this, the most exciting part, is that there are cool people in Napa! Hylah (who is one of them) informed us that there are “groovy” people here, and the trick is to find the pockets of them. Which it seems we are finally doing. Yay!
       So, it’s a victory, at least in that if we die, we die a larger group than we were when today started. And there are cool people in Napa.

One Response to “Update on the future”

  1. kirawen May 19, 2006 at 2:12 pm #

    Huzzah ^_^

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