Women of Star Wars *UPDATE*

19 May

For Tinycaredance who is not only brilliant and beautiful, but also “involved” with Hayden Christenson. That’s two very lucky people.
This is an image-intensive post. It may take a while to load. I certainly think it is worth the wait. Unless you are doing something important.

When I hear mozart, I hear classical music. It’s cool and all, but it sounds like classical music to me. When some people hear mozart, they hear each movement, each note and scale building, conflicting, paying off. They hear the complex interplay between each instrument. They hear the art and the skill that went into it.

Some people watch Star Wars and see cheesy costumes, simple plots, special effects, and hear corny dialogue. When I see Star Wars (all six movies) I see a complex visual symphony, artfully composed with themes, subplots, and complex moralities all intertwining through imagery and sound.

”The Star Wars saga is like a symphony, which has recurring themes. You have one theme orchestrated in a particular way and place, which then comes back orchestrated as a minor theme somewhere else. There are these little threads running through things that are constantly turning things on their head. You see two people confront the same things, with different ends. It’s a rhythm. I like the idea of seeing things from different perspectives. An advantage I have in this particular situation is that I have literally twelve hours to tell a story. It has the epic quality of following one person from the time he’s nine years old to the time he dies. It’s Anakin’s story, but obviously there are many other characters in that story-his children, his best friend-and their stories carry through. So this isn’t just a tune-it’s a symphony. When you do it as a symphony, I think, it actually becomes beautiful.” George Lucas

That said, here is Care’s request fulfilled for a comparative post about the women of Star Wars.

episode I
Anakin has just left his mother and his home behind, more or less losing them both. Padmé gives him a blanket and comforts him.

episode IV

Luke has left his home behind, and just seen Ben get killed, more or less losing them both. Leia gives him a blanket and comforts him.

Episode I ↓
episodes I and IV
Episode IV ↑

Episode I
Episode I victory celebration at the end.
Episode I

Episode IV victory celebration at the end.

Episode IV:

Leia is asleep in her Death Star cell. She has “been scheduled for termination.” Luke is trying to rescue her.
Episode II:

Padmé is asleep in her room, with bounty hunters targeting her for death. Anakin is trying to protect her.

Episode II:

Padmé is trapped in a droid factory, about to be killed! How will she get out of this one!
Episode IV:

Leia is trapped in a garbage compactor, about to be killed! How will she get out of this one!
In both cases, Artoo-Detoo rescues them. He does this a lot.

Episode II:

Anakin (and Padmé) are about to be killed. For the first time, Padmé tells Anakin that she loves him.
Episode V:

Han is about to be frozen in carbonite. For the first time, Leia tells Han that she loves him.

Episode III:

Padmé has just watched Anakin leave. He has turned to the Dark Side, and she may never see him again. Threepio tries to console her. “I feel so helpless.”

Episode V:

Leia has just watched Han leave, to go get Luke. They are out in the frozen Hoth, and if Artoo’s statistics on their chances for survival are right, she may never see either of them again. Threepio tries to console her. “Actually, Artoo has been known to make mistakes. From time to time. Oh dear.”

Episode III ↑ Episode IV ↓

And now, just for Care, is her favorite costume (from the waterfalls/Sound of Music scene in Episode II, when Padmé and Anakin are in the field)

Now. If you have made it this far, and you still care… this is one of my favorites.
It’s a little bit different. But it’s like looking at an optical illusion. Once you see it, you’ll never be able to watch the scene the same way again.
You’ve been warned.
Here it goes:

Ok, this is from Episode II, when Anakin is telling Padmé that he loves her, that he will do anything for her, that his feelings for her are so strong that he is in agony unless she knows. She balks. She retreats. She tells him it’s not possible. And he presses the issue.
Here it is again. Look especially at Padmé’s dress.

Now flash forward to episode III, and this happens:

Do you see it yet?

Did that help?
Look at her dress again.

In addition to being eerie foreshadowing, her dress in this scene is a very literal manifestation of what Anakin is doing to her.

I love it.


5 Responses to “Women of Star Wars *UPDATE*”

  1. kirawen May 20, 2006 at 12:32 am #

    Ummmmm no offense but could you put those images behind a cut? So that it doesn’t make a mess out of everyone’s friends pages ^^;;;;;;

  2. darksun2 May 20, 2006 at 2:13 am #

    this is a fantastic display of nerdiness. well done, juno. well done.

  3. tinycaredance May 20, 2006 at 3:05 am #

    *does a lil dance makes a lil love gets down with her women of star wars self*
    you are incredible. really truely seriously incredible. i love every second of it and i’m going to go back and look at this again later and really deal with it.
    p.s the pics of that dress are freakin amazing.
    do you do this geekdom yourself? like do you seriously know the episodes this well? i’m so so so so impressed.

    • junorhane May 20, 2006 at 4:21 am #

      Do I do it all myself? Yes and no. I do know the episodes that well. But I also look at websites and message boards which are devoted to the “visual symphony of Star Wars” idea. Some of these I noticed myself. Some of them (like the choking dress one) I didn’t, and possibly never would have.
      But I am far from alone in my fantastic nerdiness. And we all go to the same websites.

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