And the world gets smaller

29 May

Harper Lee, the author of To KIll A Mockingbird, was portrayed in the movie Capote. This is because she and Truman Capote were good friends, starting in childhood. The character of “Dill” in To Kill A Mockingbird, is based on Truman Capote.

Moving on.

The rumors are true. The JC Story has been accepted into the Los Angeles Short Film Festival. This sounds, however, cooler than it is. This particular film festival takes all kinds of entrants and converts them into their “universal format” so that all of their judges see all the contestants on an equal basis. This is kind of cool, but this film festival doesn’t give public screenings. So the only people who will be watching The JC Story are the judges. But it still might win something. In the meantime, I’m busy working on my documentary about New Earth Academy.


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