6 Jul

Juno has been very busy lately, and so I, chesire_smile am updating for him.

New Earth Academy is having a garage sale on saturday, which will be a benefit for the school, so you should all stop by and support this great oppertunity for young people! And cause they need money.

He recently put curtains and plants in the bedroom. Interior design is something junorhane enjoys doing, esp. in a place where he spends a lot of his time, watching movies, doing work on the computer, or being a slave to Miss Fluff, who is an attention whore. Fluff, or fluffin, for those of you who do not know, is our fluffy white cat, who has one blue eye and one yellow one.

The school has been keeping junorhane very busy; he is helping out with the tutoring and the summer program, and is also busy working and updating the website, to keep it fresh and interesting, the better to attract new students. Putting up fliers around Napa is also somethign that preoccupies his time, and he requests that all of his readers assist him in this endevor, as well as coming to the rummage —garage sale. Making business cards, info packets, and posting ads in the paper and on craigslist also keep him very busy. Junorhane is looking for a summer job that will provide him with an actual income, so that he can buy more magic cards and go see movies, and possibly get a subscription to Netflix. Anyone who would like to provide a years subscription would be rewarded generously.

And now, photos, because it would not be a real update in junorhane’s journal without them!


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