10 Jul



– Help support NEW EARTH ACADEMY by signing up for eScrip.

What is eScrip?
eScrip is a hassle-free way for New Earth Academy to raise funds through everyday purchases made at eScrip merchants.

How does it work?
eScrip and hundreds of merchant partners have created a system that rewards customer loyalty. Anytime you make a purchase at any of these stores nationwide, they donate a percentage of your purchase to our school. You shop the way you like to shop for groceries, clothing, travel and entertainment. It’s simple and convenient, all you need to do is register your debit/credit card(s) and grocery club card(s). I repeat: this costs you nothing. The stores donate to us, you do not have to. You sign up this one time and the rest is automatic.

Simple Registration-Register Today!
       Log on to and go to “sign up.”
       Designate our group (New Earth Center for Learning) to receive contributions. Our Group ID is # 500004350.
       Register your debit, ATM, credit, and grocery club cards.

That’s it!
Visit eScrip merchants to shop. It’s automatic! We can potentially receive hundreds of dollars from your participation alone!

Even if you only shop once a year at only one of these places, we get some money.

So, I tag all of you. Do this now! And then tag all of your friends.


2 Responses to “WORLD-SAVING MEME”

  1. darksun2 July 10, 2006 at 5:41 pm #

    I wish more shops were a part of this program. The only places I ever go to on that list are Whole Foods, Macy’s, and OfficeMax, but usually by chance and not habit. There are other, similar stores I tend to shop at more regularly. Why-oh-why can’t they be on the list? Anyway, I’ll register my credit cards and hope it helps, eventually.

    • junorhane July 10, 2006 at 5:47 pm #

      Yeah, I wish more were on it too, we don’t even seem to have OfficeMax out here. But even if by chance you shop at one of those stores once a year, we get a little bit of money, so it’s worth it.

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