Hear me calling?

16 Jul

I want to design and have built a revolutionary car like Tucker. I want to design and create other things, with the fundamental guiding principle of quality design behind them. I want to write, direct, and edit a movie like Clerks (but, you know, less swearing, in color, and generally happier). I want to be out of debt. I want to work at a successful New Earth Academy with bright excited kids. I want to visit the pyramids and explore plausible theories about how they were made, and what they were made for. I have all of these things that I want to do, and they could all perhaps be described as “a calling.”
Somehow, it seems, all of these callings require money, yet none of them are really practical methods for getting money. What I need, is a calling that does provide me with money, but which does not overshadow these others, and become my entire life.


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