Not about racism. Or Lady in the Water.

26 Jul

While “against anti-racism: a new paradigm for a new world” is what initially inspired me to sit down and write something constructive with my strong emotional response, that title is really disingenuous.
What I’m writing and posting up here are pieces of a rough draft of some larger work. I don’t know what it will become (although I have visions of me defending my book to Stephen Colbert).

I’m not all that interested in racism, to be honest. Generally I find it to be a stultifying topic, which I avoid.

Yet I continue to feel strongly about what Farm and Wilderness is doing in the name of anti-racism, and their response to the idea of systemic racism. So now I’m looking into racism, anti-racism, and institutional (or systemic) racism. It’s more interesting than I expected, but so far what I’ve read and learned doesn’t seem to get at what frustrates me.
Nor is it really what interests me.
I’m much more interested in things like the composition and design of reality. What is knowledge and perhaps more importantly, how do we quantify it? Is it possible to “know” something instinctually, balls to bones, without having studied it or learned about it? Then there’s the fluid nature of truth; how does an individual’s perspective relate to (and change) truth?
Then there’s the nature of human individuals, and how we relate to, affect, and are affected by larger systems and world programs.
Racism, or anti-racism, is really just a subplot. A footnote. Maybe there will be a chapter about it or something.

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