28 Jul

I feel like we dove headfirst (or maybe were willingly thrown) into a large, noble body of water, but have now discovered that we can’t really swim here by ourselves. We’re good enough at treading water (and getting better everyday), but that can’t go on forever.
Every now and then a lifeguard comes by and hears our story, but decides not to rescue us. We’d just jump right back in again anyways.
We’ve even had a few rich people come by, who hear our story and are capable of building us the boat that we need (perhaps an ark?) but they don’t. They decide against it because we possibly don’t know how to run a boat (since we don’t even seem to know how to swim… although we do have an uncanny ability not to drown.) Rich people aren’t really risk takers. Or if they are, they don’t take this kind of risk.
So we’ll just drown.

One Response to “help?”

  1. kirawen July 31, 2006 at 1:49 pm #

    ::hugs:: ;.;

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