uh… just a bunch of random stuff. Episode 1

31 Jul

So it’s time at last to reveal the first of our new monthly segment: uh… just a bunch of random stuff. This is simply a sample of what’s gone through and out of my mind and been collected in various places throughout the month of July. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be inside my head, or to just be able to see all the things that go whizzing around in it, this is your best bet. Currently. There’s all sorts of twists and turns and culdesacs. It’s wild.

Damn, that Pirates of the Caribbean theme is catchy.

Do you think that most strippers are insecure, and need the attention from strangers that their job provides to stay confident and happy?

Was Shakespeare wrong? If a rose was called, for example, “foul stench” would it really smell as sweet? (Or would it just make you think of Tarkin?) What if things aren’t just what they are, instead they’re what they seem to be?

Do you think that being a “cat person” or a “dog person” is entirely dependent on whether or not your parents (or friends) had cats or dogs?

Am I the only one that thinks the statue on Canton of Jayne Cobb (in the Firefly episode “Jaynestown”) doesn’t look anything like him at all?

I wish that at the end of Episode III it was somehow shown more overtly that Anakin and Padmé are literally connected. She dies when he does not because she gives up, but because their physical (but invisible) connection is severed (because the good man that she loves is dead)*. I think the editing and design of these scenes makes that pretty clear, but I wish there was more that did. Maybe even have Obi-Wan flat state it out loud that he can feel a Force connection being broken. Something like that.

Dazzling complexity. Dazzling.

“But today you are too weary to even leave your bed. Was it love that took you under? Or did you know too much? Was it something you could picture but never could quite touch?”

That was cool. I downloaded “The Sandlot” in one night.

Holy Shit!! George Lucas really is in this! (see around 1:44)

“Goodnight Michelle”

Although, it wouldn’t be responsible of me to post that video, which glorifies the behavior of going to a bar, drinking, and then driving, without posting this PSA as well.

*It turns out, your friend is only mostly dead! And if he’s mostly dead, that means he’s partly alive.

2 Responses to “uh… just a bunch of random stuff. Episode 1”

  1. tinycaredance July 31, 2006 at 10:42 pm #

    *It turns out, your friend is only mostly dead! And if he’s mostly dead, that means he’s partly alive.

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