3 Aug

What a stupid day. And what a lot of stupid people there are on the planet.
Last weekend we got a call from some parents who said they were interested in our school. They have three kids (and can afford private education for all of them) and are buddhist, so think that our world-oriented curriculum fits in well. Logically, we scheduled a time to meet them.
That time was today.
In one of our conversations with them, they mention that they’re a little concerned about their children being around flagrant homosexuality. We tell them we can’t guarantee that, and it’s really not our business whether or not any staff or students are gay. They still agree to meet us.
They were going to meet us today, but instead they apparently drove out to the school, looked at the building, and drove away. Then they called to cancel, deciding that they weren’t going to even meet us based on the look of the building which we’ve already told them we don’t like, and are planning to move out of.
So we loose three potentially paying students.

We did get a piano today, for free, that’s a good thing, although it looks like crap. It was donated to the school by a piano store, and delivered to our house by two strong guys. So I guess I can’t complain too much, although Zoe did. They bring the thing halfway into the house, and then realize that it’s missing two wheels, so we’ll have to find something to prop up the other half of it. Womark goes to look, and the mover guys do nothing. Zoe gently suggests that instead they simply take the two wheels off the piano. Mover A looks at Mover B and says something like “I guess we can do that. We can do that, right?” Mover B agrees that, yes, they can do that. They then proceed to do more nothing.

Womark comes back with a piece of rolled up carpeting, which is all we have since the shims and stuff are all at Rhea’s house. Zoe tells him that we should just take the wheels off the piano instead. He agrees, and he gets under the piano to do it, whereupon he finds that the wheels are screwed on and needs a screwdriver. Mover A says something like “Hey Joe, you wanna do that?” Mover B pulls a screwdriver out of his pocket and takes the wheels off.

Why does an 80 year old woman have to tell three men how to move a piano??


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