The Second Coming is here. She was there, but now she’s here.

29 Aug

Weird. Somehow that last entry wrote over this one, and now this entry is gone, but people’s comments on it are on that last entry.

Here’s what was there, and is now here:

Finally! It took them a while to get back to me (I guess it takes a long time to watch around 200 short films and pick a few for honors) but yesterday they did. While not awarding it for any particular category, the Los Angeles Short Film Festival made The JC Story one of its Official Selections. In other words, my prize is to say that my movie was an Official Selection at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival (which sounds cooler than it is since there weren’t actually any public screenings).

To honor this auspicious occasion I have stayed up for 5 hours making a new full-length trailer for The JC Story and getting it online. You can watch it here. It’s a way better trailer than the one I linked to in my last lj entry. (Plus, I bet the Jesus Campers would be rather perturbed by it. So to speak.)

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