uh… just a bunch of random stuff. Chapter Two.

31 Aug

Welcome to the second installment of our new monthly feature “uh… just a bunch of random stuff.”    Chapter 2

Jesus initiated thinking, being, loving.

Human Beings are created with the design which says “we think of new stuff.” That’s what we do because it’s what we are designed to do.

How about harmony? That’s a good goal. We should work for harmony. It even sounds like itself. It’s harmonious, if you will. Harmony. It rolls off the tongue and sleeps with comfort in the mind. Harmony. Imagine the entire world harmonious.

There are more than five thousand languages spoken on our planet, and every one of them has a word for “God.” (Anybody know if this is true?)

Sometimes, cuddling is better than sex. Sometimes.

Little. Miss. Sunshine. ! Bring her home to mother. Seriously, it’s a great movie, and you should all see it. Also, it’s hilarious. Especially if you do what I did and see it with an audience that laughs at all the funny stuff (and there’s a lot) and then claps at the end.

Harbin Hot Springs is my new favorite place.

Truth is a description of some aspect of reality, from a particular perspective. The responsibility of speaking truth, then, stems from your particular perspective, and your purpose in speaking the truth.

       Truth involves the interaction between perspective and reality.

So I was thinking the other day Joss Whedon should really change the order of scenes in the beginning of Serenity. Instead of starting the movie with the flashback/dream/hologram/explanationoftheuniverseandbasicpremiseforthosewhodon’tknow sequence (which takes ten minutes and only introduces two of the main characters) he should start the movie with what comes right after: the introduction to the crew of Serenity.
Then they rob the payroll, then they get chased by reavers, then they meet their connection and River starts flipping out and hurting people all crazy like. Then Simon says some gibberish and she strangely collapses. Then should come the flashback/dream/hologram/explanationoftheuniverseandbasicpremiseforthosewhodon’tknow sequence, which starts off as coming from River’s brain anyways. Also it introduces what will now be the main plot for the rest of the movie: River knows someting and The Operative is going to get to her before she can tell anyone what it is.
It’d be a better movie that way.

Ok, this episode of Weeds is like a Trojan commercial. Also bananas. (eww)


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