The state of the world as I see it…

2 Sep

Hey. Let’s say you actually are lucky enough to get some interest in one of your scripts. The most likely scenarios:

– The studio executive will assign it to some other writer.
– The project will get shelved and never made.
– A director will come in and mess it up, turn it into something terrible.
– The film will bomb, and the critics will blame the writer.

And the writer won’t even be you, because after filming, the WGA will award credit to some other guy who did some minor work, polishing the script for production.
Through it all, you’ll be helpless to change a thing.
Sound like fun?
(from (WGA is the Writer’s Guild of America, for those who don’t know but care.)


One Response to “The state of the world as I see it…”

  1. s0starryeyed September 4, 2006 at 6:48 am #

    omg, i never thought of this behind-the-scenes crap before. none of those options seem to have a positive upside; they alL kinda suck!!!! but… i’m sure it doesn’t always end like that. really. muah!

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