Sign that the world is deteriorating

6 Sep

I can’t pay my student loans. So I downloaded the form to request a forbearance and filled out the information. My grandmother is the co-signer on one of them, so I have to fill in her information on the form (her name, address, account number, phone number, etc.) I do that, and leave the “account number” part blank because I assume it’s the same as my account number, which is already on the form.

A week later they deny the forbearance. Why? “Not enough information.”

The missing information that they need is my grandmother’s account number.

So I call them and ask what it is, and they tell me.

You read that correctly. They told me what the information is that they don’t have… and then instructed me to download the form again, fill it out completely this time, and send it in again.

Excuse me? Send it in again? Because I didn’t write down the account number that you already have and just told me? What the hell? Is this really how unorganized a massive student loan company is?

The world is in trouble.


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