Uh… just a bunch of random stuff

1 Oct

chapter 3

Why are Grape Nuts called Grape Nuts? They don’t taste like grape. They don’t look like grapes. They’re not made from grapes. Are you supposed to eat grapes with them?

If you give oral sex to a guy wearing a mint flavored condom, and then brush your teeth with mint toothpaste, do you start to associate the flavor of mint with penis, and think of dick everytime you brush your teeth?

Cool, it’s like a “purity test”. If you’re pure you see 9 dolphins. If you’re impure, you see a naked couple. If you read all this before looking at it, you’ll probably see both things, and I don’t know what that means.

Peter Jackson is making Temeraire. I don’t know what that is, but it has dragons, so… Sweet. (Although, this does mean that he isn’t making The Hobbit anytime soon. Possibly ever.)

Deep question of the month, presented by OKCupid: Why can’t you woo yourself?

So the new views in iTunes 7 are really nice, and each playlist remembers its own view, which is also nice. Except that in album view (the middle one) it doesn’t remember how big I set the album picture to be and always shows it at the same size. That sucks. (And they didn’t fix this with 7.01.)Also command-1 used to open the main iTunes window, and now it doesn’t. That’s annoying. Plus they moved the “burn disc” and “browse” buttons from the top right to the bottom right, and took away the “equalizer” and “visualizer” buttons completely. Which I would find more annoying if I used those things, but I don’t usually, so it’s ok, since they are still in the “View” menu.

Yay! Luna Lovegood! She looks… surprisingly well dressed… but otherwise awesome. Her eyes are perfect. Yay!

Due to the shorter nature of this chapter, it could be inferred that I thought about less things this month, but in reality I just spent less time at the computer.

That is all. Tune in next month, same bat-time, same bat-blog.    


One Response to “Uh… just a bunch of random stuff”

  1. tinycaredance October 3, 2006 at 1:15 am #

    i’m mad at itunes 7.0.1
    i’ll explain later

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