Uh… just a bunch of random stuff

2 Nov

Chapter 4

Wow, when it’s “back to school week” on Jeopardy and the contestants are all 12 or so I do really well.

They’re making a movie called “Juno,” but apparently the female title character is non-goddess. Also, I don’t get any money for them using my name, which is sad.

Cool! My trailer for the JC Story has almost 200 views on YouTube! I don’t even know 200 people. Yay!

Don’t download this song, even Lars Ulrich knows it’s wrong! Go and buy the CD, like you know that you should. But don’t download this song. (click here to download the song. Weird Al is a genius. Still.) (www.dontdownloadthissong.com)

Lisa, Lisa! Sad Lisa, Lisa. pre-tty-pi-anogoeshere, and-then-it goes here again

I suspect it is dichotomies which are the root of all evil. Not money or absolutes.

Apathy apparently yields short (and few) lj entries.


One Response to “Uh… just a bunch of random stuff”

  1. tinycaredance November 4, 2006 at 2:46 am #

    what about care?

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