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11 Dec

       Yesterday’s return to Holiday-Preparation-Land involved Rhea finally having another one of our traditional New England Open House Christmas Parties. The seafood chowder was good, the house and tree were both very pretty, and enough people were there that it felt full and busy.

       Since the party is now over, full on preparation for Christmas and The Nine Days can begin. To that end, I have begun the great gift wrapping festival of 2006. There have been great advances in gift-tag and ‘trick-gift’ technology in the past year. Clue Tags and Bonus tags can now be mass produced, and as for trick packages… well… I don’t want to give it away just yet, but there’s more going on than just the standard wrapped-gift-in-a-box-repeat strategy.

       Boris refuses to let the Hogwarts Express stay on the tracks. Not only does he knock it off, he sleeps on the tracks afterwards. Silly cat. On the other hand, it has so far distracted him from climbing up the tree, since that would leave the tracks unguarded.

       Bonus Note: because Rhea has a large house now, we can have the JoyBall at it’s traditional New Year’s time. If you’re going to be in the area and want to participate, let me know. Also, if you need an excuse to come into the area, the JoyBall is a great one.


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