Response to a bill/letter/thingie

15 Dec

         Dear “Napa Valley Family Medical Grp., Inc,”

         I realize that computers are already running everything, and that our health system is pretty bad (we should anyone have to pay for what everyone needs???) and that therefore this will likely fall on deaf ears, if it falls on any at all. I expect this to have as much impact as a lone drop of water on parched and broken earth, but it needs to be said.

         What kind of world are we living in?

         I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Jewell (that’s “doctor code” 45 if you’re the computer reading this) and when the time came for the appointment, I was stuck in Oakland in a job interview which took literally two hours longer than I anticipated. I tried calling the office of Dr. Code 45, but nobody answered. Twice. I called my girlfriend who also needed an appointment and told her to take mine. She called the office to receive the same nobody answering that I did. Twice.

         She arrived for my appointment a bit late, but she was still there, which is significant because nobody else was. The waiting room was empty. I realize that to a computer this is still a “broken appointment” and thus cause for “$20 no show” since, obviously, I should have to pay for what happened. (Sorry, that was sarcasm, the computer won’t get it.)

         For some reason she wasn’t allowed to take my appointment even though a) the Doctor was, as usual, running late (and therefore she was, in effect, on time) and b) nobody else was waiting. Had she been me, there would have been no problem whatsoever, so why is there a fee now? Because computers are running everything.

         This is the health profession. Your job is to care about people. Do your job. Here’s $20 that I would rather be spending on a Christmas present.

                   ~ Juno


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