Nine Days explained. Also Day Five

27 Dec

I’ll try to explain what these days are, although having just grown up with them it’s hard to know how to do that. The idea of The Nine Days is, as simple as I can make it, to celebrate all that is or will be in a New (ideal) World. Of course one person’s ideal world may be different from someone else’s, so this is sometimes tricky, but we do it with somewhat vague aspects of each day, such as Answering Design (the Muse of Day Four). What that means is possibly different from person to person, but we celebrate it because we want all things, alive and otherwise, to answer their own design in the New World. So after The Ninth Day we have celebrated (or at least mentioned) some aspect of everything that is or will be in the New World.

The first four days, as you’ve already seen, are reasonably simple to understand. Day One is blue and celebrates water and the oceans and underwater life and such. It’s easy to eat blue food or fish, and hang blue things and fishy things on the tree. Day two is green and animals and it’s easy to eat green food and animals, and hang green things and animal ornaments on the tree. Day Five and beyond it starts to get a bit more esoteric, (and there aren’t really any gold foods) but we do our best.

Also, at the end of each day we sing “The Nine Days of Creation” which is to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” but re-written for The Nine Days. We sing only as far as the day we’re celebrating, so the whole song only gets sung once, on Day Nine.

Today is Day Five, so we sing

“On the Fifth Day of Creation, my Planet gave to me
        Siiiinging of Heaven! Fragrance of flowers, calling of birds, hope for the world, and the sounds of the shining vast sea.”

but that’s it.

Day Five:

Realm of New Understanding (which means, I think, understanding the new reality of the new world – in which “insects” are more accurately called “wonder creatures” (see Day Four) and the purpose-less ones, like mosquitos, no longer exist.)
Also Freedom and Responsibility. (I guess that makes Day Five a good one to watch Spiderman…)
Number: 5
Color: Gold (There’s no gold food, so we’re eating “golden” corn chowder and “golden” cornbread muffins with a “golden” lemon cake for dessert.)
Letter: o
Muse of Appreciation
Fulfilled Muse of drama


4 Responses to “Nine Days explained. Also Day Five”

  1. s0starryeyed December 28, 2006 at 3:34 am #

    thank you. now i think i finally get it! (after how many times i’ve asked you over the years….?) now all i wanna know is the origin of the festivities. I expect your answer in at least 100 words, typed, double spaced, annotated, with 1/2 in margins. hhahaha but no seriously, in simple terms, where did the nine days come from?

  2. yami_mcmoots December 28, 2006 at 10:55 pm #

    And you’re doing shots of Goldschlager after dinner, right?

    • junorhane December 29, 2006 at 1:02 am #

      That’s a great idea!
      We usually drink wine, but… yeah, that’s a great idea. Now we won’t be able to do it for another year…

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