Origin of The Days. Also Day Six

28 Dec

I suppose I should have anticipated that question too. Yeah, basically, the Nine Days were channeled by Zoe.
We wear the color(s) of the day, eat food that relates to the day, hang things on the tree that relate to the day, have things on an alter that relate to the day, and someone (sometimes everyone) opens a gift that relates to the day. All of these more specific practices came about because those of us celebrating The Nine Days thought, at various times, that it would be fun to have them. To be fair, this is the 25th celebration of The Nine Days, so I’m a bit foggy on the specifics of those early years. I was very young, after all. At some point someone re-wrote “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (or maybe that was Zoe too). At some point someone thought it would be nice to have a candle for each day (in the color of the day) on the altar, and they get lit in order each day. Maybe that was Zoe too, I don’t know. The point is, the basic script came from Zoe (or through Zoe) and the specifics of celebrating come from whoever is doing the celebrating. There’s no one way to celebrate The Nine Days.

Day Six

Realm of Harmony of integrity – well, that’s a runner up for most esoteric of the Nine realms. My sense of what this means is that having integrity, being truly honest and principled, moral, etc. will no longer be at odds with reality, but in harmony with it. In other words there won’t be situations where one has to compromise their values, their truth, or their opinion in order to accomplish some necessary thing. Integrity will be in harmony with reality. It sounds nice.
In past years this has been called the realm of Answering and Quality, so that may help with your sense of what this is celebrating.

Number: 6
Color: Silver
Letters: p, q, r

Great Spirits of Fire and Transformation (or just Fire and Transformation if you don’t believe in great spirits…)
Muse of Kinship
Fulfilled muse of Poetry and Fantasy Yay! It’s the day for Lord of the Rings, Beowulf, and other epic fantasy poems! Also Dragons and Ginny.


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