uh… just a bunch of random stuff

31 Dec

And now it’s time for another episode of… uh… just a bunch of random stuff

Cats land on their feet. Toast lands peanut butter side down. Based on these axioms, a cat with peanut butter toast strapped to its back will therefore hover above the ground in a state of quantum indecision.

Well, they got rid of Alex Gonzalez, which is sad, but the Red Sox have now signed Julio Lugo to play shortstop. He’s not as good defensively, but he’s better offensively, and as a plus he’s no longer playing for the Devil Rays, which means that maybe it will be easier for the Red Sox to beat them… (Alex Gonzalez was more fun to watch though.)

On the other hand (it’s been a good month for the Red Sox…) they finally signed Daisuke!!!! The Red Sox now have the best japanese pitcher in all of baseball working for them. Combined with Papelbon, Schilling, Becket, and Wakefield, that’s a damn good pitching lineup. (Plus the current rumor is that Roger Clemens will come back and pitch for the Red Sox for one year before he retires… that’s even a better pitching lineup…)

Computers have already taken over.

I can no longer listen to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” seriously, (I’m not sure if I ever could, but that’s beside the point) it makes me think of either the crazy Like A Virgin scene in Moulin Rouge or Weird Al’s “Like A Surgeon.”

Interesting premise partly inspired by reading The Lovely Bones (which Peter Jackson and co are trying to adapt into a movie): Many Human beings who used to live in this world, and have now moved on to other dimensions, still have a passion for this world and want to return to it (or at least influence change toward an ideal life). When the veil between dimensions thins, all life will begin to communicate. When this starts happening in such a way that other dimensions have power in this world… well, let’s just say it will be news… are we ready for it?

Are you kidding me?? We really are living in a parody.

As a bonus for this month, here are some pictures:

Me showing off the new gorgeous shirt that Rhea got me for Christmas:
Front and Back
And Raven with a thing on her head:


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