Merchants of Perversion! Run Away!!

8 Feb

So yesterday we watched The Notorious Betty Page which was a creative biopic of Betty Page, the famous pin-up girl and bondage model from the fifties (who was also, apparently, Christian). It was a good movie, despite being somewhat unengaging.
One of the interesting plotlines in it covers the legalities surrounding her pictures (based on actual events, of course). Not to give away too much, but one of her main employers (the one who took most of her bondage (but NOT nude) shots) ends up being taken to court and forced to close his business. Why? Because he sent pictures depicting the torture of women through the mail. Nevermind that movies contained such imagery as well, and that his images were roleplay, (very tame and silly looking roleplay by today’s standards, or even the standards of a few years later) somehow what he was doing caused people who saw the images to become monstrous torture-machines who abused (and even killed) mindlessly.
I’m only exaggerating a little bit.

So today I find this:

This website seems to be doing two things:
One, it states that the people behind it are opposed to the opening up of a porn store on King St. in Northhampton, MA.
Two, it states that a lot of women are abused and that domestic violence and rape is a real problem in the world.
I think that the site also intends to do a third thing, and connect the two, but I don’t think that part is working (perhaps because there’s no evidence to connect porn to sexual abuse).

First of all, isn’t there already a giant porn store there? Or is that one in Amherst? (Or is it gone now? The run-down one with all the flags that’s before the bridge into NoHo?)
Second of all, isn’t there already a gigantic porn emporium all over the internet?
Third of all, isn’t Northampton a liberal and educated area? Haven’t we evolved beyond the ideas presented in classics like this that pornography somehow irrevocably perverts good natural people into abusers and sexual deviants?

Correlation doesn’t necessarily imply (and certainly doesn’t prove) causation. So just because all sexual abusers watch/read/collect porn (which isn’t proven, and probably isn’t true) doesn’t mean the porn is what makes them perform sexual abuse. They probably all watch violence on tv, too. And I’ll bet they all drink water.

I’m not saying I’m in favor of sexual abuse (I’m not) and I don’t even live near Northampton anymore, but the point is that there’s nothing illegal, or dangerous, about somebody opening up a pornstore.

America is predicated on this whole (radical) idea of Freedom and rights and such. One thing this means (at least to me) is that I accept your private behavior, beliefs, and practices even if they offend me. In exchange though, I get to have private beliefs, behaviors, and practices that offend you.

If I want to open and run a porn store, I get to. Period.


2 Responses to “Merchants of Perversion! Run Away!!”

  1. sylness February 9, 2007 at 6:40 pm #

    Dude, that is such old news. NoPo Noho is soooooo last year!

    • junorhane February 9, 2007 at 10:00 pm #

      So there’s a porn store there now?

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