Thoughts from the Academy Awards

25 Feb

The music for Pan’s Labyrinth is so gorgeous (and the movie won for Art Design!!! Yay!) (And Makeup!) It’s weird, Pan’s Labyrinth was more war movie than I was expecting, but it’s brilliance grows on me.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is cute. I like her, despite finding it difficult to spell her last name.

Will Ferrel and Jack Black are being funny, which I don’t usually find to be the case. They also have a decent point about the Academy Awards taking themselves very seriously.

Perhaps they should have kids present awards all the time.

“I made a comedy musical about Israelis and Palestinians that takes place between two falafel stands.” That sounds awesome!

I still haven’t seen Ben Hur. Abigail Breslin looks so tiny in the large chairs! Cute.

Are you serious?? Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine?? Over Eddie Murphy?

Aaaaand Pixar doesn’t win for Best Animated Picture… for the first time. Is Happy Feet better than Cars?

I’m sorry, but how is the script for Borat an adapted screenplay?? It’s “based on characters created by” one of the writers of the screenplay… It is not adapted. How did they get that wrong?

I don’t know if Ellen just had to deliver bad jokes as best she could, or if she actually wrote the bad jokes. Of course the good jokes were written by her…

Pirate’s of the Caribbean had better win for best visual effects. (Other nominees are Posiedon and Superman Returns) Yay! Hehe, the Pirates theme played by the Academy Orchestra sounds kinda funny.

Pan’s Labyrinth is obviously going to win Best Foreign Language Film… what??? The Lives of Others???? I suck at predicting these! How did Pan’s Labyrinth lose??

Well, alright, fine. I could have predicted that Jennifer Hudson would win for Dreamgirls… cause… Damn. Have you seen her in Dreamgirls? How could she not? Dreamgirls is the rare kind of musical I like.

Clips from Babel just remind me how utterly brilliant that movie is.

I love the film scores part. Ennio Morricone is awesome. I’m glad the score for Babel won, just so that Babel wins something… (although I still hope it wins Best Picture) but the score for Pan’s Labyrinth is wonderful.

And now we’re up to Best Original Screenplay, another category that I hope Babel wins for… (also… what the fuck is Letters From Iwo Jima doing here? Isn’t it more “adapted” (from, say, the titular letters) than Borat?) I’d be ok with Pan’s Labyrinth winning too.
The winner is: Little Miss Sunshine. Eh… I like this movie, it’s pretty great, and actually it’s nice that something that’s “just funny” and not “important” wins such a big award, but still. Where’s the love for Babel?

“We can become the generation that woke up and did something, the generation that changed.” – Melissa Etheridge

Martin Scorcese won Best Director for The Departed. I’d give it to him for the first 4/5 of the movie, but that ending? What the hell?

Hmm. Clips from The Queen make it look really good.

And now for Best Picture… The Departed.


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