Weekend in San Francisco, in 14,110 words

13 Mar

Golden Gate Close-up

Lopsided buildings

We stayed in a hotel which was state of the art 40 years ago (or so) and hadn’t bothered to update anything since then. Quaint.


Palace of Fine Arts

That giant dome is called the “Palace of Fine Arts” although I’m not sure why. Aren’t “fine arts” usually paintings and stuff?

Maria being a dork

Electric buses make weird whining sounds, but they’re still quieter than internal combustion buses. Not to mention cleaner. Plus, dorks ride them.

conservatory of flowers

We went to the Conservatory of Flowers, and also inside it.

Yellow Flower

white flower

flower sculpture

Japanese Tea Garden

That’s the Japanese Tea Garden, not the Conservatory of Flowers. So is this:

Japanese Tea Garden House

We went to the De Young Museum, but not inside it.

De Young

Look at the cute little bridge!!
Hallie stomps bridge

golden gate sunset


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