Hampshire College denies existence of black people

11 Jun

In the latest issue of Non Satis Scire, the Hampshire Magazine for Alumni and Friends, there is an article about Alan Goodman, the president of the AAA (American Anthropological Association) who happens to also be a professor at Hampshire. He’s been involved, for a decade, with “the largest-ever public education project on race, racism, and human genetic variation.”
The result of this decades long research?
“Race is no longer a valid scientific way to describe human genetic variation, Goodman explains. Race should be understood as a social, historical concept, not as a genetic concept; the idea of race maps very poorly onto the structure of human genetic variation. But race is also real as a very powerful ideology with enduring consequences…”

You know what else was once “a social, historical concept” that was also “a very powerful ideology with enduring consequences”?
The “fact” that the world is flat.

Boofies need to evolve, yo.


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