A bunch of things, for the sake of an update

6 Sep

The white iPod is dead, but the iPhone is cheaper and the “classic” iPod now holds more media than my powerbook. Seriously, who owns 40,000 songs and has had an unsatiated desire to carry them around?

Here’s this entry’s not-entirely-unrelated-to-Batman news bite: Maggie Gyllenhaal is now posing in lingerie. Yes, she could stand to eat more food, and yes, she still looks hot in handcuffs.

Led Zeppelin is getting back together.

Saving the world is an out-dated notion. Escaping the world is where it’s at. Some people spend almost half of their living hours immersed in a digital world.
In fact, roughly one third of gamers reported they could be ‘more themselves’ in the game than in real life. (And by “gamers” they mean “people we asked who play games online”)

Which leads to this entry’s un-technological (meaning there are no buttons to click, you have to comment with your answer) poll:

Do you hope to:
A: Save the world
B: Escape the world
C: I reject your false dichotomy! Instead, I _____(fill in the blank)___.


5 Responses to “A bunch of things, for the sake of an update”

  1. motherofjedi September 10, 2007 at 1:18 pm #

    Hmm. My hope seems to be reserved for things other than my own actions, and of course “world” can be a problematic word, but I will accept it for terms of this discussion //^_^\\. I’d say the intention of all my actions is to perform good in the world; my understanding is that at some point in time I will leave the world. Perhaps gamers are not so much escaping the world as choosing which world they live in; I think we all have that choice moment by moment.
    I’ve decided to try to make LJ a bit more useful for myself so I will be adding you as a friend. I know, I’m hopelessly behind!

    • junorhane September 11, 2007 at 5:09 pm #

      Hmm. I like the idea of there being multiple worlds to choose from in any given moment. I think you have a unique? unusual? non-traditional? view of death here though. One of the major differences between this world and the digital one(s) is how death works. In this world it’s (as far as we know and predominantly believe) a permanent thing. Digital Avatars can sometimes be “killed” but it’s often far from permanent. Your understanding that at some point you “will leave the world” is, in my experience, more astute and accepting than that of most people.

      • motherofjedi September 12, 2007 at 5:31 pm #

        Hmm hmm. I’m liking the analogy that’s forming here. When I say at some point in time I will choose to leave the world, that may be equivalent to the one true sort of “death” in a video game: you stop playing it. You choose to do something else. Then your digital avatar is–well, we could mull over that for quite a while, couldn’t we?
        I don’t really see gamers as different from other folks except in their choice of focus. Physicians, college professors, parents, whatever, do what they do because they have an identity in that world. A lot of these folks spend more than half their living hours in their world of choice. Why do we see these worlds as real and digital worlds as unreal? I have a feeling that if gamers are escaping, we all are. The neat question is, what are we escaping? (avoid the easy answer that we’re escaping the negativities of the world.) //^_^\\

      • motherofjedi September 14, 2007 at 2:39 pm #

        You know, I just had to come back here and make one more comment. This morning I’m sitting at my computer taking somebody’s undeveloped and unorganized thoughts and turning them into a cogent and compelling grant proposal. I get so involved in this task that the “real world” around me goes away as I focus on what will happen if I take this thought and put it here, or this phrase and put it there…I suddenly saw myself as a construction worker working not in wood and block but in thoughts. Is what I’m doing any less real than building a house? Is it any more real than playing a video game?

      • junorhane September 15, 2007 at 7:14 pm #

        Well, at least until technology advances (like it does) there are some differences between video games and the “real world.” The same differences, in fact, that there are between movies, tv, books, and the real world.
        If we, as Morpheous suggests, define real by our five senses, then walking to Harry Potter’s death by reading Deathly Hallows isn’t as real as walking in the park, or through downtown. We’ve both spent many hours on Tatooine, but we’ve never smelled it, don’t know what a sandstorm feels like, etc.
        However, I’m not sure this means that reading or playing a video game is less “real” than the real world, at least at the time it’s being played/read… it’s just a difference.

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