Brief Bits

3 Nov

I went out into the world today. The man outside the grocery store was having trouble giving away free newspapers. These aren’t some small published-in-a-basement papers either. He was giving out free copies of the Napa Valley Register and the San Francisco Chronicle. People don’t want free papers? Is that because the news is wholly unpleasant, or because people don’t read the paper anymore? It’s probably not that simple.
It makes me wonder.
Inside the office supply store almost all the small sized things you can buy are now encased in a clear plastic box. When you select what you want you bring it to the cashier who uses a special key to open the box and give you what you want. I assume this is some sort of deterrent against shoplifting, but I can’t imagine that a thief wouldn’t just break the plastic box. I mean… it’s just a plastic box.
It makes me wonder.
I showed Rhea the letter from the board of director’s at Farm and Wilderness. She was surprisingly optimistic about it, saying that the stakeholders would at some point give way to other stakeholders who were more pro-nudity and then Fifth Freedom would return. I hope she’s right.
I’m cynical enough about it at this point to be pretty sure that she’s wrong.
The Writer’s Guild (the union for screen and television writers) is going on strike. They currently get residuals when something they wrote is shown in theaters, on tv, or sold on home video/DVD. However they want more for DVD sales since DVD has become the new thing (and when the current deal was struck they were a very small and almost value-less thing). Speaking of the new thing, they also want residuals for purchased digital downloads. Until some agreement is reached no new movies or television shows will be written. That’s a lot of writing lack that just went into effect. I figure I should update my blog just to try and counteract it.


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