lack of sleep

29 Nov

I don’t know why it eats at me so. Most of you are probably wondering why it’s a big deal to no longer be able to swim naked at a summer camp. Or it’s not even a big enough deal for you to be wondering that at all. Yet it keeps me up at night.
Craig Brewer has only made four films, and only two of them that I’ve heard of (Hustle and Flow and Black Snake Moan) but he’s currently one of the most fascinating directors working today. For some reason his movies feel very real. They’re not realistic, mind you, in fact they’re pretty clearly meant to be taken more as fables than literally, but they feel very real. I think this is because they are music movies. (I figured this out before watching the features where the Craig Brewer, the writer and director, essentially confirms this. I’m so cool.) Hustle and Flow is a hip-hop movie. That is to say, if hip-hop as a genre of music were instead a movie, it would be Hustle and Flow. Black Snake Moan is the blues. Plus it has Sam Jackson.
If Craig Brewer ever makes a classic rock movie it might rival the Almost Famous director’s cut, as unlikely as such a feat is.

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