An Update

19 Mar

It has been brought to my attention (and not just by me, by actual readers!) that I haven’t updated this in a fairly long while. To correct this situation here is a non-inclusive list of things that have happened since the last update (in no particular order):

– A startling lack of writing
A trailer for Indiana Jones 4 was released
– Barack Obama became the next president*
– I look good
– I want to move to San Francisco
– I fell out of love
– Hallie and I broke up
– I can’t afford San Francisco so I want a high-paying video job (in SF) which changes that
Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out and I bought it because I was sick and bored
– I fell in love
– I updated my reel (to aid in procurement of a high-paying video job):

– I have a good construction job working with Ross and Hallie
Wall*E is going to be fantastic
– Amy visited! (It was awesome.)
A trailer for Get Smart was released and it dares to make the movie look promising

*well, ok, this technically hasn’t happened yet. But it will (I’m declaring it so), so it’s like it already has.

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