I’ll get better

11 Oct

While painting fences today I was listening to a news report about the story that a report found Sarah Palin had abused her power (Alyssa brought it to my attention on facebook earlier). The reporters/talking heads essentially came to the conclusion that the report is a mere distraction. People who support Sarah Palin will just write it off because it says she didn’t do anything illigal for her position and people who don’t support her will just add this to the list of reasons why.

This lead me to have the thought that when I have supporters (or non-supporters) I want them to be smarter than that. If I come out and start spouting about how so-and-so is a dangerous irrational monster, or that I have extensive foreign policy credentails due to my experience living on both coasts of this country, I want my supporters to call bullshit. I want them to know better.

Yet I also want them to trust me. I want them to hear what I say and believe it. Take what I say at face value. So I guess what I’m saying is that it’s my responsibility to be honest, and to thus be honest about what I might not be sure about. Trust, for the sake of humanity, is what it’s all about.

Oh, also, since several you seem to be very worried that McCain might win this election I feel the need to reitorate here that Barack Obama is the next president. He’s been the next president since before he was the Democratic nominee. This is all just formality.

Trust me.

And with that, Junorhane comes back to the LJ Town in the Blogosphere County of the Internets. There is much rejoicing.

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