Actual Update

12 Oct

Since I’m back on the blogging bus, I guess I should present an actual update since I’m sure one or two members of the vast legion of my readership don’t know.

About two months ago now Dominey and I packed all of our stuff up, including a motorcycle, and put it all into my prius, and a very small uhaul trailer (yes the Prius can tow a trailer. It’s badass. Like the Batmobile. But fuel efficient). Then we drove away from CA with our destination of the East Coast firmly in mind. That, however, is as specific as our destination was. We didn’t know where we were going, when we would get there, or what we would do once we did.

After a long long drive, several visits with friends along the way, lots of money spent, and a long frustrating search for housing, we’ve signed a lease on a small two bedroom cottage in Afton, VA (it’s near Charlottesville). It’s on a horse farm, in a beautiful little area with views of distant mountains and nearby lake. Yes, you should come and visit. After we finally move in, which is in a week.

Now I just need to find an income.


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