I had a dream…

15 Nov

Walking through the halls of a building that seemed a cross between a mall and a school I ran into this girl I once knew. Went to High School with her maybe? I told her to come later to my presentation where I was going to be making an announcement about what I’m doing next.

Inside a large room there is a wooden podium and everyone – I mean everyone I’ve ever known, will know, or know now – is there. Watching me get up and make a speech. I’m seeing this too, from somewhere in the audience, which is perhaps why I feel no nervousness. I speak about acquiring a modest budget for a very large ambitious project. I talk about my excitement that this is finally coming to pass. “Independent Film, independent movies are talked about a lot,” I say, “but the secret is that they are anything but independent. Especially movies as big as Tales From Atlantis, independent movies are huge cooperative adventures, requiring many many people, underpaid hours, and much effort.” Before I finish speaking about how you don’t have to know me or how to make a movie in order to help, there is a massive rush to the sign-up sheet. Eagerness and excitement.

I veto using the RED Digital camera because renting it for 6 days uses up the entire budget, and we have at least 2 weeks of shooting. “We’ll have to find a cheaper camera,” I think, “though I would like to shoot in HD.”

I supervise the building of a massive model in someone’s driveway. A hole has been dug for the “ocean” upon which Atlantis resides. Lights have been rigged and are being painted blue.

I meet with the costume designers about the cultural differences between us and Atlantians, and how those can be reflected in the costumes.

Somewhere in all that I evidently shot, composited, and edited an entire movie.

In that same large room, with that same large group of people, the wooden podium has been replaced with a screen. Tales From Atlantis shows. As the final overhead shot of the endless ocean, now void of Atlantis or any remnant of it, plays over the screen, my credit fades in. “Written and Directed by Juno Orion” and then an eruption of cheering and clapping. The kind that compells me to cry tears of joy even when it isn’t for me.

This is an amazing feeling. The kind one lives for.

There is cheering throughout the credits as everyone in turn sees their name on the screen.

Absolutely amazing. I hope this dream is prophetic.


3 Responses to “I had a dream…”

  1. kirawen November 15, 2008 at 4:26 pm #

    Me too!

  2. motherofjedi November 15, 2008 at 5:20 pm #

    absolutely marvelous!
    your experience reminds me of Taylor Caldwell, who dreamt of Atlantis every night for 2 years and at the age of 12 wrote a novel based on her recurring dream…
    dreams can and do come true.

    • junorhane November 23, 2008 at 4:25 pm #

      Romance of Atlantis, by Taylor Caldwell at age 12. Well now I have another book on my research list for when I write my movie. I’ve got all the Edgar Cayce stuff too.

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