7 Dec

I’ve worked at the The UPS Store for four days now, and we’ve shipped in for repair no fewer than a dozen X-Box 360s. We get at least one per day. Small sample size, I suppose, but that seems a poor indicator of quality.

Barack Obama, despite apparently not being the president yet, has a weekly address that is (free) on iTunes and YouTube. Oddly, despite all the crisis, war, and deficit, he still seems confident that America will prevail, rise above, and restore her once proud visage. It’s sort of like watching spiderman singlehandedly try to stop a speeding train while convincing the passengers that all will be fine even though the engine is broken, the brakes gone, and the tracks bent. Which I guess, if you’ve seen the movie, is optimistic.

Also on iTunes (free) are the TED talks, some of which are quite fascinating (Dan Barber), and others of which, JJ Abrams famous “magic box” speech comes to mind, are a bit underwhelming (star wars references aside).


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