You can all come back now

26 Dec

We didn’t do wishlists this year. We always do wishlists, but this year we didn’t.
We weren’t all together on Christmas morning. For 30 years straight we’ve been together on Christmas morning, but not this year.
Nobody had any time, or any money, to go Christmas shopping. Except for Rhea, who had time but no money. I drove up to NH to be there for Christmas with no presents, and the understanding that nobody else had brought presents either. There was to be stockings, and that’s it.

Never again shall I underestimate the power of my family, Christmas, and Rhea’s magical forever extending credit.

Here’s what the livingroom looked like after Santa left:
xmas morning

Yes, that’s right, there are presents under the tree. A pile of them. Christmas came, all the same.

And while that pile is smaller than we’ve ever had (though, again, there were only four of us) one of those presents contained in it a new MacBook Pro. It’s some kind of Christmas miracle. I don’t know how Rhea does it, but I’m very thankful that she does.

Plus it means I can start blogging again. I know you are all excited.


One Response to “You can all come back now”

  1. kirawen December 29, 2008 at 6:43 pm #

    Glad to hear you had a very merry Christmas ^_^ Yaaaaaaaaaay for new MacBook!!!

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