Pages note and Yoda’s mind

18 Feb

This new full screen mode in Pages ‘9 is great (and pretty). It makes me want to write even though I have nothing to actually work on in Pages. (It’s too bad the screenplay template in Pages is actually a terrible hindrance when writing a screenplay. I’d love it if Celtx implemented a full screen mode.) How long has it been since a word processing application actually made writing exciting?

It occurs to me today that Yoda gives anger a raw deal. Anger leads to hate, he says. Hate leads to suffering. Well, sure, it can. But anger also leads to power.

Power leads to getting shit done.

I’m just saying that the little green bouncy muppet dude with the cane might have been a bit close-minded.


2 Responses to “Pages note and Yoda’s mind”

  1. motherofjedi February 19, 2009 at 3:50 pm #

    Sure, anger leads to power, i.e., to the Force. So does peace. Most pacifists in our culture have a mistaken impression that peace and power are unrelated. The point of the Jedi and yogis and such people is that when you get to power through anger, suffering is an inevitable consequence. Only through control and dispassion–the elements of peace–can you access power in a way that is liberating rather than binding.

    • junorhane February 20, 2009 at 4:39 pm #

      But surely anger has some purpose other than quickly leading you to (destructive) power?
      In my half-awake state this morning I was thinking about this and decided that there is an old poem about the Dark Side which Yoda only half quoted in Empire:
      Stronger? No.
      Easier. More seductive.
      Faster? Yes.
      But more destructive.

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