Wicked Short Review

18 Jun

Finally finished reading Wicked.  I know I’m years later than everyone else.  I loved parts of it, but I couldn’t stand the main character by the end of it, and since it ends stuck in her head, I was glad when it was over.  I’m even more glad that I’m now reading “The Perks of Being A Wallflower,” because it’s brilliant so far and I’m loving it.

How many times have I had that “you can’t have good without evil” conversation?  It always goes the same way.  You’d think in a book as long as Wicked, with as much treatise on the nature and origin of evil, this would have come up:

You can, by the way, have good without evil.  There is no reason it can’t exist on its own.  If you’re thinking that you wouldn’t be able to recognize it without something to compare it to, well, if that’s true… so what?

If the basis is that there are these two forces, good and evil, and one can’t exist without the other, well, it’s a simple thought exercise.  What if there were no evil, only good, and “good” was simply synonymous with “the way things are.”  That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?  Then instead of “good” and “bad” there would just be “good” and “better” and “really good” and things like that.

I’m all for it.


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