Star Wars Visual Symphony

16 Jul

It is done.

Part I:

Part II:


I’m genuinely surprised with how well this project came out.  I just started it (years and years ago) as a hobby, something for me to just play around with video editing whenever I was bored.  I never figured it would end up as good as it has, but I’m really moved by parts of it.

It’s like I took what makes the story of the Star Wars Saga powerful and good and condensed it down into 15 minutes.  Of course having John Williams’ music over the whole thing doesn’t hurt (in fact I’d say it’s essential).  At any rate I’m quite pleased with it.

What should I work on next?


Star Wars Visual Symphony: Concerto II

9 Jul

The second in the three-part symphony is now up.  Concerto II in Love and Death

This may be my favorite of the three, although the third isn’t quite done yet. There is certainly something to enjoy about the epic conclusion, but I think this one ended up being the most powerful. Plus, there is something to be said for the Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon love scene.

Politics 2012

8 Jul

There is a presidential election coming up.  Again.  If you’re one of the millions of loyal readers that I’m sure The Juno Blog has, you know that I used to post articles about politics.  I even endorsed our current President.

I haven’t been writing about politics in recent years though, and the reason is simple: I’ve lost interest.

This is, perhaps, Obama’s biggest failing.

Now I do not believe that he has been a bad President, and in fact I think he may be a really good President.  But I admit to getting a bit caught up in his rhetoric.  He wasn’t supposed to just be a good President.  He was supposed to transcend politics.  He was supposed to change the system.

He hasn’t, and honestly this is not a surprise, nor is it his fault (though the expectations that arrived with him to the White House are).  The system is designed in such a way that it cannot be quickly changed, nor can it be changed by one individual, even if he or she is President.

And I’m just not really interested anymore.  I’m interested in human beings.  I’m interested in the future of the world.  I’m interested in the evolution of humanity.  I’m interested in community.

I want a world where what each does counts for all.

This makes all things possible.

What each does counts for all, means everything can be done.

This means every individual does the work they love.

This means no one goes without.

This is the kind of thing that I want a politician to say.  I want them to be able to say this because I want the system to be working for this.  Then I would be interested.

Star Wars Visual Symphony: Concerto I

2 Jul

Behold the bounds of my geekiness!  Marvel at the remarkable montage!  The first of the trilogy is finished and now available for anyone (and everyone) to see!

Perks of Being a Reader

1 Jul

Finished reading The Perks Of Being A Wallflower the other day.  Absolutely fantastic book.  I wanted to turn around and read it again right away.  It is just so full of delicious quotes and fantastic everythings.  Would that I could write as well as “Charlie.”  It felt a bit Good Will Hunting-ish near the end, but it still worked for me.  We’ll see how the movie plays out.

The trailer for the movie is better after having read the book, but it’s a good trailer either way.  It looks amazingly accurate to the book, which I think is impressive since the book is all letters (like, the kind you send in the mail) and it’s hard to do a movie that way.  Then again it’s written and directed by Stephen Chbosky, the author of the book, so it will be hard to find fault in the adaptation.  Plus it has Hermione and Percy Jackson in it, both looking nothing like Hermione or Percy Jackson, so that’s good.

Only thing is… this comes out in a few months!  Why is there only one trailer?

The One That Got Away

23 Jun

The One That Got Away.  Short non-screenplay prose.  The first I’ve written in this format in a long time.  It’s probably a bit rough, but it’s digital, so it can always be changed.  This may become part of something larger, as I believe the narrator is a main character in a much longer work.

The One That Got Away Continue reading

Wicked Short Review

18 Jun

Finally finished reading Wicked.  I know I’m years later than everyone else.  I loved parts of it, but I couldn’t stand the main character by the end of it, and since it ends stuck in her head, I was glad when it was over.  I’m even more glad that I’m now reading “The Perks of Being A Wallflower,” because it’s brilliant so far and I’m loving it.

How many times have I had that “you can’t have good without evil” conversation?  It always goes the same way.  You’d think in a book as long as Wicked, with as much treatise on the nature and origin of evil, this would have come up:

You can, by the way, have good without evil.  There is no reason it can’t exist on its own.  If you’re thinking that you wouldn’t be able to recognize it without something to compare it to, well, if that’s true… so what?

If the basis is that there are these two forces, good and evil, and one can’t exist without the other, well, it’s a simple thought exercise.  What if there were no evil, only good, and “good” was simply synonymous with “the way things are.”  That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?  Then instead of “good” and “bad” there would just be “good” and “better” and “really good” and things like that.

I’m all for it.