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12 Mar

iOS 7.1 included CarPlay! Now I can use my iPhone hands-free in my car! As long as it’s one of “select” cars from 2014. It is not.

CarPlay is Apple’s plan for incorporating their software into vehicles, so the big question is whether this is going to be great and work or whether it’s going to be like iTunes on the Motorola ROKR was Apple’s plan for incorporating their software into cell phones. We all know that sucked so massively that it led to Apple taking it all back and making the iPhone instead in a great (and entirely typical of Apple) show of “Fine, we’ll do it ourselves.”

So will Apple eventually design their own iVehicle? I’d love to see it.

Probably won’t though, if only because Tesla is already doing exactly what Apple would do if they were going to manufacture cars.

Of course Apple could buy Tesla…



16 Jan

Just a bit of quality design advice: If your product (or service) is really going to be environmentally friendly, sustainable, good for the planet, etc. then it must be cheap. Otherwise you’re ignoring the fact that the environment you’re trying to save is populated mostly by people who can’t afford your product.

In an entirey unrelated note, I’ve been struck by the idea that I should write a thoroughly researched tome about how to be a human. How to live in a world that is as it is (ie not perfect) but also live as though the world were the way you want it (ie perfect). Otherwise the world will never change. Or something. I’ll probably be a bit more eloquent by the time it’s published.

Or it will just be another in my string of thought about/conceived and/or started ideas.

One more thing: this 60,000 piece Lego Star Wars Hoth diarama is why I sometimes like that people have too much time on their hands.

Subject Does Not Apply

16 Oct

Rhea says if she sees Indiana Jones when she’s out today she’ll bring him home.

Trust Apple to make their “old” laptops look chintzy and poorly designed in comparison to their new ones. I was figuring on getting an “old” one now that they’ll be cheaper too…

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