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Hunger Games Fandom Is Odd

13 Aug

So I guess I want to go left or right then, yes?

Look, I like The Hunger Games.  It’s a great series.  It is not about a happy place.  There is no reason to fantasize about actually going there.  Why would you ever want to do that?  Do you really want to live in a world where you might have to eat your cat?  Or kill your sister?  Or be killed by your lover?  The whole point of the series is how inhumane and awful the whole of Panem is.

Maybe this sign is a warning.  “Turn Back” it says.

Also, which direction to Camp Half-Blood?


The Odds

26 May

And in a new attempt to take over the world, Young Adult Fiction has managed to have the Hunger Games DVD and Blu-Ray enter the world on Percy Jackson’s birthday. Clever.

Nice trailer too, but I wish that it showed more of what the special features will be (and I wish that they had used a tripod when shooting).  I mean, I’ve seen the movie already, and seeing clips from it again is exciting, but I want to see new things: show me behind-the-scenes clips.  Show me Jennifer Lawrence going into and out of character.  Show me clips of the writers talking about why they did what they did.  Give me wild claims about the excessive number of hours of extras included.  I like those things.